The “OUTLAW CHEF” Terry Chandler

Terry was born in Ft Worth Texas in 1966. He was fascinated, while very young by live fire, Chuck-Wagon style cooking, watching his Uncle Guy Goen, (a famous West Texas chuck-wagon cook in his own day), as he would prepare large feeds in traditional caste iron style. Also Chandler’s Father, JD, at a young age taught Terry his grilling secrets and by the time Terry was 12 or so, he was grilling the family’s steaks.

Around about this time, Momma Gari and JD bought Fred’s Café, then Kens Café. And so started the gears of fate, as Terry would evolve, through his rich life experiences, into the “Outlaw Chef”.

Terry gathered from different exposures traveling the Rocky Mountains and the Western Plains, his gourmet twists on his modern ranch flair. Cooking for such outfits as the Zapata Ranch in Southern Colorado, the Weisshaar Ranch of South Dakota, and some of the more legendary working cattle operations like the Four Six’s, the Tongue River, and the Pitchfork ranches of West Texas, Terry developed his Southwestern-ranchy culinary style. Terry’s hitch in the Marine Corps further hardened his determination and character and he maintains a “can do spirit” despite any adversity the wings of chaos might soar his way.

Besides working as wagon cook for some of the most historic brands of Texas, Terry has his own wagon, the “Ought Zero”, which is a historic Springfield Wagon purchased from a museum in San Antonio dating back to the 1890’s. The wagon still retains its original paint job. Terry, along with his colorful partners, Dan Carey, Bo Powell and the infamous Terry “Bulldawg” McLeroy, pull their chuck wagon art parade from shindig to soire, showing off their cooking skills as well as their beautifully crafted wagon that they maintain in their own resident blacksmith shop.

In between wagon gigs and hunting excursions (where Terry packs in his kitchen and morphs into “Camp Cook”), he can be found at the famous burger joint “Fred’s Café,” in the Arts District of West Fort Worth, knocking back beers with the Merry Souls and Colorful Characters that frequent Fred’s, frolicking on the patio with his sassy daughter Adeline, and bumping to the local live music with his lovely wife Jennifer.

Let the “OUTLAW CHEF” cater your next party for a dining experience, unmatched, anywhere, at any price. TERRY CHANDLER, chef and owner of the famous FRED’S TEXAS CAFE in Ft. Worth, Texas, cooks outside, on site, over a live fire, with cowboy gear, or, ranch style gourmet food for parties of any size, in your home. He brings a unique Texas experience, based upon his vast repertoire of cooking skills, and delivers a unique gastronomic experience to your guests.

TERRY will also work with hunters and fishermen at camp sites all over the country. On these trips, the OUTLAW CHEF can provide breakfast and lunch service for your guests, as well as dinner. No party is too big or small, and no location is too remote. He can get to any site, regardless of the terrain.

The OUTLAW CHEF has a Period Chuck Wagon for a true cowboy “on the trail” dining experience. (Some remote locations will require an additional charge).

All meals are cooked live fire on location.

To inquire about catering, e-mail Terry at theoutlawchef@gmail.com