Van Darien

Van Darien | 12pm – 3pm
Texas born & bred. Raised on folk & rock’n’roll, raspy vocals, lyrical stories, basic fingerpicking & blues groove drive the heart of this musical vehicle.

Darien resides just outside of Fort Worth & is currently working as her own booking agent, promoter, & creative director. Finding her roots through trial and error, it appears she’s finally found her path. Following intuition & reading people have become gifts she’s learned the hard way to listen to. However, those hard knocks have created the relatable stories in the songs she’s written.

With co-writer’s, Joey Green, Erica Perry & Ryan Michael of The Roomsounds, Darien has comprised a series of songs for her upcoming album set to record with Beau Bedford in September 2012. Together, they have melded a balance of pop, country, and rock’n’roll that hint to artists such as Ryan Adams, Patty Griffin & The Rolling Stones.