Tony Ramey w/ Wayne Floyd

Tony Ramey (9:30pm – 11:30pm) w/ Wayne Floyd (7:30pm – 9pm)

Tony Ramey grew up in West Virginia on Bluegrass and Bill Withers, found Willie, Waylon, Cash, and Kristofferson at eleven (who fueled an already firy passion to write songs), then he heard Steve Earle whose songs convinced him to move to “Guitar Town” (Nashville) to hone his craft.  He would eventually leave for Texas when the road called him out again…

Somewhere in the middle of his Gold and Platinum records as an award-winning songwriter (see credits), he garnered a Master’s degree in Literature, and taught at colleges and universities part-time while working on his PhD,  He said “[t]he great poets kept me sharp…Grounded in the craft and discipline of writing.”

With the release of his eleventh album, Ramey has the respect of industry folk, and keeps growing his audience with his undeniable prowess as a singer/songwriter. His tour schedule and his passion for performing are evidence that he prefers the troubadour life-style.  Between shows he enjoys the solace of his writer’s getaway where he says he can “be alone with nature, his thoughts, and the eternal spring of the Art Spirit.” Ramey has spent much of his music career flying below the radar, until now.