The Buffalo Ruckus | Nick Dittmeier

The Buffalo Ruckus (9:30 – 11:30pm) | Nick Dittmeier (7:30 – 9pm)

Peace & Cornbread by The Buffalo Ruckus is one of my Top 5 Albums of 2016, and that’s some pretty tough company with Sturgill Simpson, Whiskey Myers, Dwight Yoakam, and Parker Milsap making up the other 4!! This cd is going to take this young North Texas Band and THRUST them to a whole ‘nother level. I’ve known this band from the start and I can tell you honestly Peace & Cornbread is the most satisfying listening you’ll do all year!” – Chuck Taylor, 95.3 The Range
“The Buffalo Ruckus’ Peace & Cornbread is a perfectly mixed Old Fashioned.  It has the squared-jaw and fire of rye whiskey, the distinctness of bitters, and sweetness of sugar; best enjoyed at full-volume!” – Texas Music Pickers
“WOW just WOW!  I have fallen in love with a new song and group!  Talking about Buffalo Ruckus’ ‘Hills and Valleys’…after one listen to this single, I was singing along to the chorus!  That’s the sign of a damn good tune!  I can’t wait to hear the rest of the new album.” – Katie Key, KKey Marketing
“There is something so captivating about The Buffalo Ruckus’ music – and their new single ‘Hills and Valleys’ is no different. Their southern soul and Americana roots shines through in this single from the moment the harmonica begins and Jason’s smooth, yet unique, voice entrances us. I’ve always loved the wide range of instruments used in their music. A BIG fan!” -Katie Dixon, Morning Show co-host, KFYN Radio, Paris, TX
“The Denton band formed three years ago to make Southern rock, weave folksy Appalachian tunes into blues-rock worthy of a Texas dancehall. The band’s self-titled debut dropped in 2014, with hints of the Black Crowes (“It’s for Love”), Pat Green (“South Georgia Angel”) and even a little Toby Keith (“Son of a Rebel’s Son”). “Hills and Valleys” takes things nice and easy, with a slight bluegrass drawl and a swingy tempo.” – Lucinda Breedin, Denton Record Chronicle
“The new song ‘Hills and Valleys’ by The Buffalo Ruckus is amazing. A powerful song sure to stir the memories of love and struggle in anyone who listens. Buffalo Ruckus can do it all.” – Jody Lee Caudle, Texas Homegrown Radio
“Buffalo Ruckus is adept at foot-stomping barnstormers and howling lamentations. It’s psychedelic Americana made by musicians who take the ‘outlaw. part of ‘outlaw country’ very seriously.” – D Magazine