Rockin’ Johnny Burgin with Quique Gomez & Christian Dozzler
Rockin Johnny Burgin is one of the hardest touring and well recognized traditional Chicago blues guitarists and singers today.
Harmonicist and singer born in Madrid, Quique started playing harmonica at age 18 and assembled his first band, Juan Bourbon, Juan Scoth & Juan Beer, at the age of 20. It’s with this band he travelled the Spanish stages during the following decade, while studying and running a small club.  Quique has stepped on stages from 4 continents, sharing them with artists such as John Primer, Eddie C. Campbell, Bob Stroger, Rockin Johnny (with whom he’s currently working on a new album), Jimmy Burns, Tail Dragger, Kenny Blues Boss Wayne…
Forty years on the blues scene has provided the multi-instrumentalist Christian Dozzler (vocals, piano, harmonica, organ, accordion), a.k.a. “Two Meters of Blues” because of his 6’7″ height, with a musical background that is rarely found among European blues musicians. In the year 2000 he relocated to the USA and is currently based in Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas.