Thieves of Sunrise

Thieves of Sunrise, an intense psychedelic rock and soul band from Dallas TX, aims to bring their rock and roll ruckus to the world. They’ve been featured on radio stations in England, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia, and all across Europe and America. Their highly improvisational and attention-stealing show has been featured in festivals, theaters, concert halls, and rock clubs across the United States since they formed in 2010.

The band has recently performed at the notable American Airlines Center at Victory Park, Historic Lakewood Theater, Gas Monkey Dallas, and the House of Blues in New Orleans.
Thieves of Sunrise brings funky, soul-infused southern rock back with a sound that is as original as it is classic, with influences pouring from the golden ages of rock and blues records. In this way, Thieves of Sunrise feels like finding an old, dusty vinyl record and discovering that the songs still resonate today. The result is a celebration guaranteed to get heads bobbing, hearts pounding, and hips shaking. The band’s bone-shaking blues roots and authentic soul-rattling southern swagger has appealed to fans around the globe. Go to a show, listen to the record, spread the good word, and join the rock and roll revolution.