Charlie J Memphis

Charlie J Memphis | 8pm – 10pm

Charlie J. Memphis’ fate was sealed the moment he touched an electric guitar. The 17-year-old singer-songwriter was introduced to piano and classical guitar at a young age, but it was rock ‘n roll that stole his heart and set him on his path to stardom. Memphis was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. He started playing guitar at age 11, and honed his craft at the School of Rock in Naperville, Illinois. Stints with a few different bands followed, and Memphis plied his trade on stage at legendary venues like Lincoln Hall, Double Door and Subterranean. But when his family moved south to Texas, everything changed for the budding rocker. He took a step back, re-evaluated his voice and craft, and developed what he now lovingly refers to as “swamp rock”–a can’t-miss mix of southern rock rockabilly and soulful blues that calls to mind the likes of Jack White, The Black Keys and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Memphis can often be found gigging with different bands across Dallas, or working at ECHO Labs Studio–when he’s not performing or writing his own material, that is. Fresh off his first single, “Move Along.” Memphis is set to release his debut EP–a five-track record entitled “Bloody is the Water” that showcases Memphis’ broad range of talent and soulful sound. It’s a sound few have heard the likes of before–but one that may soon be familiar across DFW.