Cameron Smith & Katie Robertson

Cameron Smith — a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Fort Worth, Texas — performs solo under the rubric Sur Duda.
After fronting punk bands as a teenager, he emerged in 2011 at the helm of War Party, a scrappy five-piece with roots in post-punk and garage rock. They’re currently at work on their third full-length, Pure Destroyer.

Smith’s songwriting takes cues from precursors like Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, and Ray Davies, but he’s his own man when it comes to his lyrics, which are observational and only occasionally obtuse. They tumble out as though he’s got a lot on his mind and wants to make sure he gets it all across. He’s been instrumental in developing the Dreamy Life/Cloudland record label/performance space/recording studio in Fort Worth’s Fairmount district. On his latest release, Paper Knife, you can hear songs of innocence and experience, alienation and ambivalence, doleful beauty and redemption, all rendered in the poetic spirit.       🎧 →