Alex Bellin


I remember driving home from a friend’s house in the small midwest town where I grew up. I flipped through the radio trying to find some good music. I scanned the AM stations, hearing mostly white noise, but I picked up something hiding out in the night sky. It was a rebroadcast of the Grand Ole Opry from 30 years ago. The signal cut in and out, so I parked my Jeep in a place on the side of the road where it came in pretty clear. I sat there and listened to honest lyrics, stories about real people and felt the emotion played in the steel guitar and fiddle.

I’d been listening to country music for most of my life but from that point on I was caught up in making my own, first as a sideman playing dobro and steel guitar with other talented musicians here in Fort Worth, and now as a songwriter and performer. A recent tribute to Merle Haggard called him a “Working Man’s Poet” and to me, that is what a great country song is, working man’s poetry. I write songs that remind me of the 90s country I grew up listening to in the car with my dad.